Diagnostics At The Touch Of A Finger

Designed for iPhone 7 and newer, Reflex is the perfect innovative tool for medical professionals to reliably measure and record the Pupillary Light Reflex (PLR) of their patients. Simply hold your phone up to the patient’s eye and initiate the test.

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Easy & Accurate

REFLEX is simple. Never again do you need to second guess yourself on subjective penlight tests. REFLEX offers an intuitive, hassle-free method to acquire accurate PLR data and metrics for each specific subject profile. REFLEX’s mean absolute error is under 1mm from real, ground truth, pupillary results.



Our convenient barcode scanning system makes data entry fast and simple.



Just hold the phone up to the patient’s eye and initiate the test. Easy as that!



Use collected historical data to trend for increased patient outcomes.


eye for an eye

how can pupillometry help you in your medical workflow?

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