Why do I have to subscribe for my free trial period?

We do this to ensure uninterrupted service while transferring from the free trial period to the subscription. The free trial period gives you one month free and you can cancel anytime if you wish.

Is Reflex a medical device and approved by the FDA?

Yes, Reflex is a Class I 510(k) Exempt medical device as laid out in 21 CFR 886.1700 by the FDA. This classification does not require formal approval by the FDA.

Is Reflex available on Android?

Not yet! We are actively working on an Android version and will update our audience when it is ready to go.

Why does’t Reflex work on my iPhone 6s or under?

The computational sophistication of Reflex makes it to where we cannot guarantee that it will record tests correctly on the iPhone 6s or below. Because of this, we restrict the devices to iPhone 7 and up.

Why does the Pupillary Light Reflex chart look incorrect?

There are many reasons that could result in a ‘failed test’. As we improve our technology we will be integrating new methods for failure mode catching and correction. The most common result is due to too much movement from the device. Try retesting with your arms anchored to a stable object. Additional problems include poor lighting conditions and the person looking away. If the problem persists then please contact us so we can help.

What happens if the test subject blinks?

Typically this does not present a large issue to the test. You will likely see a small rise in pupil diameter due to the quick blocking of incoming light to the pupil. The resulting curve should be okay depending on the duration the eye is closed. To be certain, you can retest the same eye without the subject blinking.

Can Reflex integrate with EMR?

Not yet, but we are actively working with engineers for full EMR integration support.

Why is there a barcode scanner in Reflex?

Many medical record systems use barcode technology to rapidly identify the individual it is corresponding to. We integrated this feature to make inputing the subjects medical record number (MRN) or identification number as easy as possible. If you are unsure that the barcode contains correct identifying information then please use the manual identification number entry field.